Follow these steps to make your new Drupal site with us, live on the Internet.

  1. Have the records that we provided to you, handy, and log into your Network Solutions account.
  2. Click the link to manage your account, and then the link to edit DNS.


  3. Click the link to edit advanced DNS records.


  4. First, edit the IP Address (A Records).



  5. After you have saved these changes, you will need to wait a couple minutes for the change to update in the interface.


  6. Once this change is showing up, scroll down the page to the Aliases section of the zone file.


  7. Select the radio button for "Other Host" and fill in the domain supplied to you for the WWW. If there is not a WWW record already, just add it by entering www into the "Alias" field.


  8. Save your changes, and wait for your new site to go live. It could take up to 24 hours for the records to propagate. However, it rarely takes more than a couple of hours.

Enjoy your new site!